Let’s not beat around the bush. We specialize in luxury landscape design for high end residential properties. This means going above and beyond what you may typically see around the block. A landscape designed by our team at Lucin will be reminiscent of elegance and relaxation. Imagine an outdoor oasis where time melts away, and you can spend countless hours reading a book, spending time with friends, or hosting an event. Oftentimes, landscape design is most relevant in tight city neighborhoods, where we maximize available space with efficient use of landscape resources.

That is the difference between a landscape design firm and your local landscaper, as we will pore over the details required to create the space you desire. Blurring the lines between home and nature, you should feel comfortable in your outdoor landscape, which can be accomplished through your involvement in the landscape design process. By working with an experienced landscape design company like Lucin, you tap into award winning minds who know how to craft the landscape of YOUR dreams, to YOUR specifications. We have done it before, and we can assure you we will do it again.

We charge you for our professional time spent preparing concept drawings, site measurements, grading, sloping and drainage considerations, proper plant placements, structural work (natural stone, precast slabs, pavers, retaining walls, custom carpentry), and consultations to bring your dream space to life. Finished drawings are attached as part of the contract, so your copy and ours is identical, knowing that all details have been sussed out. You can be confident knowing what you’ve paid for will be built as planned.


Efficient use of resources is good for any homeowner, but xeriscaping makes it a priority within your landscaping efforts. Conserving water saves you time, and money.

Planting & Landscaping

No luxury landscape is complete without a comprehensive selection of plant material. Our team members select only the best plants, consulting clients on what will work best.

Landscape Lighting

Illuminating the significant investment that is your landscape maximizes your return. Highlight your beautiful plant material, pristine hardscapes, and gorgeous water features.

Water Features

For a landscape that falls on the creative side of the spectrum, water features add a splash of flavor. Rock gardens, hot subs, and spas can all be integrated with natural landscape materials to create a cohesive look.

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