Oftentimes, resources are not readily available for use in a landscape, especially in crowded residential neighborhoods. Additionally, the less resources required to maintain a landscape, the more cost effective long term maintenance will be. This is the appeal of Xeriscaping, which is the idea that landscaping can be done, with minimal to negligible need for irrigation. Water conservation is an increasingly important issue, and using this landscaping method is environmentally friendly.

Xeriscaping primarily focuses on using native plant material, as they are acclimated to the environment and require less maintenance, and thus resource use. They also attract and support local wildlife, especially pollinators, which is a vital part of any local ecosystem. Use of drought tolerant plants is also prominent in order to conserve water use. Landscapes by Lucin specializes in providing this xeriscaping method of landscape design to any of our clients, especially those looking to make an environmental difference.

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