In the Toronto area we are often short of daylight throughout the year. During these months your landscape is visible for a shorter time frame, and when you install a landscape with Lucin, we know you will want to show it off. Additionally, you may wish to use your beautifully designed garden at night to entertain guests or simply relax in a cozy outdoor space. Whatever the case, you can simultaneously enjoy, show off, and present more of your landscape when you install landscape lighting.


There are many ways to do this, with no shortage of creative freedom. It could be a lighted front walkway to naturally bring visitors to the right location, or overhead lighting to illuminate your back deck for hosting. Our lighting services enhance your experience within your landscape, and are sure to improve the mood. We aim to create a classy look, with strong lighting in inconspicuous locations. This seamless integration of lighting into your landscape is superior to the feeling of lighting overwhelming your landscape. The high quality lighting that we use is both soft and welcoming, yet plenty bright, meeting you right in the middle. You should feel comfortable utilizing your outdoor space at any time of the day, undeterred by the potential for darkness. 

Arvils and his entire team are amazing. They deliver clean, quality work on time and no surprises. We would recommend them to anyone who wants quality landscape work. And their post work follow up is unparalleled!!

Customer Testimonial, Toronto

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