Every landscape requires foundational pieces, managing the line between inside and outside, home and the outdoors. As homeowners, we’d like to extend indoor living spaces to the outside. Hardscaped patios and walkways help blur these lines, keeping this tough transition smooth and unassuming. However, these are not just concrete slabs thrown down and called adequate. There are many different materials and styles available for use, from pavers to flagstone.

The finish of the material is also important, from profiled to smooth textures depending on the features of your property. Walkways also help connect the pieces of your landscape together, and add to a more complete feel. Similarly available in a wide range of shapes and styles, adding a new dimension to your landscape design with a patio or walkway is highly encouraged.

Brick Patios

For an extremely durable option that will last you many years, brick will of the trick. Some may think this comes at the expense of beauty but with modern brick, this is no longer the case.

Stone Patios

Always providing a sleek and classy look, stone is one of our favorite design options. Impress your friends and family when you host your next event on a beautiful backdoor stone patio.

Arvils and his entire team are amazing. They deliver clean, quality work on time and no surprises. We would recommend them to anyone who wants quality landscape work. And their post work follow up is unparalleled!!

Customer Testimonial, Toronto

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